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400 Years and Counting!


Love One For Another

After This Manner, Pray . . .


Lucifer’s Gospel (Part 2)  Exposing the Apostate Church

Averting The Wrath of God


Mankind’s Holy Grail

An Axiom of Religion


The Meaning of Sincerity

Bell’s Hell


The Mother of God

Exposing the Apostate Church (Part 1) Best-Selling Snake Oil


The New American Religion / Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

The Biblical Gospel


Not After The Flesh

Building The End Times Apostate Church


People Without The Law

Christ was born on . . .


The Pied Piper

A Conspicuous Omission of Prayer


Preach The Gospel

(A Nine Part Series) The Doctrines of Grace


Puritans Progress

Does God Love You?


Rebels Without A Clue (Part 4)  Exposing the Apostate Church

Don’t Worry, Everything’s Under Control


Revival In The Land



Right Judging

Easter and the Equinox


Ruling Piety & Devotion

The Easter Egg Hunt


Silencing The Elect (Part 3)  Exposing the Apostate Church

Eradicating Christianity


So, You Wanna Be A Preacher . . .

The End Is Nigh!


Spirit & Fire

The Foundation of God


The Spirit of Judas

Fruit Inspectors


Starvation of the Lambs

God In Everything!


They ate, they drank, they . . .

God Judges To Restore



God’s Love Perfected


The Trial of Your Faith

Have You Really Come To Christ?


Truly Just & Truly Fair

I Hate Easter!


The Truth of Thanksgiving

The Incredible, Eatable Easter Egg


The Vine & The Branches

Israel:  The Land That God Promised


Wake Up Church!  Islam’s A Comin’ (Series on Islam)

The Judgment Seat of Christ (Part 1)


What Makes A Man?

The Judgment Seat of Christ (Part 2)


Where The Battle Is Won (Part 1)

(Part 1)  A Living Book “God-breathed”


The White Throne Judgment

(Part 2)  A Living Book “Inspiration & Revelation”


Without Controversy

(Part 3)  A Living Book “A Living, Organic Whole”


Wrapping The Cross With Ole’ Glory

(Salvation: Ch. 8 of A Brief History of Redemption) A Living Hope


Wrong Response to His Cross

The above articles have been published in several newspapers, periodicals and also on our Freed In Christ! blog on

The following articles have been published in several newspapers, periodicals and in addition to our website.  Enjoy!

Dark Age, Deception By Appearance, and Do You Believe?

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