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Many of us have never before experienced an opinion actually based in either fact or the experiential real world, much less both. Why? Because most of us heed the well framed words of academicians, media talking heads and politicians - the most difficult people in which to affect even a semblance of thought moderation - a continuum which extends from "caring progressives" to liberally fascistic, would-be totalitarians who embrace the consolidation of power in their own hands as the self-elected, self-justified and who are quite certain they know precisely what is best for everyone else while being equally prepared to compel it - these are the people who enlighten most of us each day.

Many of us are egregiously opinionated - but uniformed - intentionally deluded, faux-sophisticate, youth-induced progressives, cultural or academic idiots filled with self inspired opinions, hallucinations and delusional ideation - including, inter alia - who believe that:

1. Capitalism is evil;

2. Che was a hero;

3. anthropomorphic global warming is factual and more dangerous than Iran;

4. Israel is the "cause" of the Palestinians' problems;

5. the world owes you something;

6. illegal immigration isn't a problem;

7. Islam is a religion of peace, love and tranquility;

8. all opinions are of equal value;

9. "Hollywood" is "real";

10. pro-abortion proponents occupy the moral high ground;

11. the government owes you (pick your poison) a living, a handout, free daycare, free medical care, free retirement in Florida, etc.;

12. gender is a cultural construct;

13. tribal, tree culture, is as meaningful and valuable as that of the ancient Greeks;

14. something for nothing;

15. freedom without attendant responsibility;

16. the United Nations is a worthwhile institution;

17. karma makes more sense than Christ;

18. free and easy sex without physical, spiritual, fiscal, or temporal consequences;

19. Ebonics;

20. Keynesian (consumption) economic theory;

21. etc . . . ;

If you find yourself in one or all of these delusions, please pray to God that He will give you repentance, comfort, and future long-term success by establishing a new and balanced sobriety based in fact rather than in incoherent utopian flights of fancy.

Pray that He will give you an understanding and acceptance of reality as reflected in this world coupled to the transcendent/immanent nature of the next.

Pray that He give you a burgeoning understanding of and love for liberty and freedom, as well as a realization that "equality of outcome" is not possible in a truly free society because everyone (contrary to modern-day doctrine) is not the same. Everyone is instead unique, not only in the eyes of God, but in this world too - and that translates into difference, difference, and more difference, not sameness.

That He will open your mind, heart and eyes in a Heisenberg-esque quantum leap or a lengthy, drawn out process to truth and not hear-say.

If you are morally-relativistic, anti-capitalist, all-experessions-of-thought-are-equally-valid-moral-and-ingenious, you may be aghast at the idea: a formal change of behavior may actually be required to live genuinely in this world - but you can put your mind at ease - eventually, either in this life or the next, you will see the light.

Much love and acceptance.

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