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A Short Series on Islam
and the ramifications it is having on our society as a whole.

“I had the privilege some years ago, while working with Dr. Ralph Winters, president of the Center for World Missions, to assist in writing a college mission course called, Prospectives.  Our basic objective was to get the Gospel of Christ Jesus into the Muslim world.  Those of us who have studied Islam and its brutal, barbaric, cold-blooded history know how bad it can get.  Those who have lived under Islam know how bad it can get, and have fled their mother countries to take refuge in America.  My uneasiness, my fear, is the thought that America could fall under Islamic rule.  And if that happens, our children, our grandchildren, our neighbors, our Churches will have to flee America and seek refuge . . . but where?  If that time comes, will there be any place in the world left to run?”

Dr. Jay Worth Allen, June 12, 2010


Wake Up Church!  Islam’s Comin’!

One If By Land!  Two If By Sea!
(Part One)

Don’t Burn Books

Qur’an 101
(Part Two)

The Ladies of Islam
(Part Three)

The Fruit of Muhammad’s Loins
(Part Four)

Israel:  The Land God Promised
(A Suggested Reference Article)

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