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Mankind’s Holy Grail


Dr. Jay Worth Allen

My most frequently asked question is, Why it is that most people cannot see Truth, even when they’re smacked in the face with it?  After many conversations with friends who ask the same question, I’ve come to the conclusion that most People, just don’t want to see truth.

There are extremely depraved men and women who make up the world’s Power-Elite, both economically and ecclesiastically, who have cultivated pastures of lush-looking green grass for the Populace to graze upon.  Fine and dandy.  But why is it that hardly any of the Populace bother to look up from where they’re grazing to notice the tags stapled to their ears.  And why does that same Populace tend to view those of us who see past the pasture into the parlor of the Feudal Lord’s castle . . . as Insane?

Is it that the Populace simply Doesn’t want to see?  Or is it that they can’t see what’s happening, because there is something blocking their view?  Closed Doors:  Doors, which open to Freedom.  Doors, which must be Opened if mankind is ever to progress past Servant-Hood - if we are ever to be Free.  Mankind’s Holy Grail is not simply to live, but to live Free!  There are Doors, which we must Open - Open with a turn of a knob, or a swift kick with a Boot!

There are approximately six billion people on the planet.  Most of them will live and die without having seriously contemplated anything other than what it takes to Live on this earth. 

Ten percent of the Populace will eventually Open a Door, which will begin to explain to them the History of this world.  They will begin seeing the relationship between man and government and the meaning of God-Given, self-government.  Sadly, ninety percent of the Populace in this group will live and die without Opening any other Door.

But, ten percent of that Populace will Open another Door to find that the resources of the world, including people - slave and free (Revelation 18:13), are controlled by extremely wealthy and powerful families, whose incorporated old-world assets have, with modern extortion strategies, become the foundation upon which the world’s economy is currently indebted.  Ninety percent of the Populace in this group will live and die without Opening any other Door.

Ten percent of that Populace will Open one more Door to discover that there exists The Elite aggregate of people who are fashionable, wealthy, and influential.  These are Pop societies that perpetuate the generational transfers of arcane knowledge that is used to keep the ordinary people in political, economic and spiritual bondage.  Ninety percent of the Populace in this group will live and die staring at the next Door.

Ten percent of that Populace will Open one more Door and discover that the Apostle John was right.  The Dragon, Demons and Beast we thought were the fictional monsters of childhood literature, are real and are the controlling forces behind the World’s societies.

“And the great Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angles were cast out with him” (Revelation 12:9).

Ninety percent of the Populace in this group will live and die without Opening another Door.

What’s behind the next Door?  I think it’s where your spirit, soul and body has evolved to the point you can exist totally Free on earth, like the Apostle Paul or Peter, or one of the women who first discovered the Lord’s empty tomb - people who are so in touch with God that they brighten the world around them no matter what.

The one Door all mankind must Open - since all men will eventually die, and if they are to ever enter Heaven’s Door, which reveals God and the Life Force in all living things - is, as I understand it from John chapter 10, the Lord Jesus Himself:  “I am the Door.”  Most of humanity will live and die without ever Opening that Door.

Now, if you do the math, there are only a handful people on the planet who have Opened more than two or three Doors.  The irony is incredible:  Those who are stuck behind whichever Door they find themselves, have little choice but to view the people who have Opened Doors beyond them as Insane.  With each Opened Door, exponentially shrinking numbers of increasingly enlightened people are deemed Insane by exponentially increasing masses of decreasingly enlightened people.  Adding to the irony, the harder a Door Opener tries to explain what he is able to see to those who can’t, the more Insane he appears to them.

The great majority of people on the planet will never bother to Open any Door.  These people are tools of the Feudal Lords:  the gullible Populace, whose ignorance justifies the actions of slapdash politicians and irreverent preachers, and whose station in life is to believe that the self-serving Machines of the Elite are matters worth dying for.

Those who do begin to Open Doors are an increasing liability to the Feudal Lords’ Land, because of their decreasing ability to be used as Tools to consolidate power and wealth of the many into the hands of the Elite.  It is common for these Door Openers to sacrifice their relationships with friends and family, their professional careers and personal freedoms, more and more, with each Door they Open.

Albert Jay Nock (1870-1945), author of Our Enemy, the State, said:  “What was the best that the state could find to do with an actual Socrates and an actual Jesus when it had them?  Merely to poison one and crucify the other, for no reason but that they were too intolerably embarrassing to be allowed to live any longer.”

The Doors are there.  Open them if you will.


Mankind’s Holy Grail
Published:  Not yet published on Freed In Christ! blogsite.
Published:  10 March 2010 in The County Journal.

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