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Averting The Wrath Of God


Dr. Jay Worth Allen

There are many ways in which it is a holy privilege of believers to be peacemakers, one is by their prayers averting the wrath of God from a guilty nation.  In the day when the Lord's anger is kindled against a sin-laden people and the dark clouds of providence threatens an impending storm of judgement, it is both the duty and the privilege of God’s remembrancers to stand in the breach and by their ernest supplications to stay His hand, so making peace.  Moses did so (Exodus 32:10); so too Aaron (Numbers 16:47,48); and David (2 Samuel 26:14).  When a fearful plague visits our country, or another nation threatens it with war, we are to behold God raising His rod, and entreat Him to be merciful:  see Jeremiah 12:11; Ezekiel 22:30,31.  This is indeed a blessed work of peace:  to stay the Lord from the work of destruction, as Abraham’s intercession had done for Sodom if there were but ten righteous persons in it.  Only on that Day to come will it be shown how the wicked gained by the presence of the righteous remnant in their mist.


Averting The Wrath Of God
Published:  19 April 2010 on Freed In Christ! blogsite.

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