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As many of you already know, we're gathering info, URLs, names, faces and the smiles that go with them so we can point you, the peruser / reader, to everyone we love, cherish and adore (including some products we just couldn't live without).

If you fall into that category, please
email us and we'll get right to work adding you to our links!

Thank you to each of you who have and continue to contribute to the links on this page.

Much Love Always!

Miss Diana.

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MEMPHIS SOUND LAB - the best of friends!  Good people!
The Memphis Sound Lab is a design, sales and installation business, designing and installing sound, video and lighting systems in churches and auditoriums throughout the Mid-south.

JIM SAYLES - our good brother from Texas!
An ex-bull catcher who has some great theology writing.

PETER SPERO - awesome!
Writer, keyboard player, computer genius . . . good people!  We couldn't have built this website without you, bro!  Thank you!  Check out his commercial and recording work - amazing!

DJ BERT GAGNON - great dj!
Bert spent years with Clear Channel Radio - decided to go on his own and now dj's for Neon Productions Radio in Bristol, CT!  He's like the djs everybody loved who played whole albums in the '70's.

Harry and Karan Simpson are two of the most brilliant photographers in Nashville.  Brilliant black and white, color, stills and videos.  A performer's dream!

SONG CITY STUDIOS - We love Dave!!  Producer, engineer, award winning singer.  One of the best studios in Nashville - also a great place to hang out with Dave.

WMOD RADIO - News, Weather, Sports, Real Country!
The County Journal - Giving you the best in local news!

DEBI CHAMPION - Wonder Woman!
Songwriter, singer, plus host of some of the best songwriter nights Nashville's ever seen (or heard)!  We love Debi - she gave us our first start on a Nashville stage!

LEE RASCONE’ - phenomenal writer!
Lee was a staff writer for eighteen years and knows the business inside and out!  (Even though he looks bad!)  We love to play for Lee on his songwriter nights, plus LeeJay is one of the best live audio engineers in Nashville.  We always know he'll make us sound great!  We think he has a giant talent button he pushes when we get on stage!   We love Lee and LeeJay!

AIR DELUXE MUSIC GROUP - Bob Berg- friend and publisher!  Bob gave us the straight on our songs when we first got to Nashville.   His words have not been wrong.  He's the most honest, straightforward publisher we've met!  He told us he doesn't want good songs - He only wants great songs!  (And thank the Lord, Bob said we had some!)

ERNO LASZLO - Forget the Surgeon!  This is the best stuff in the world for your face!

MUSIC ROW CD - Incredibly professional!  If you need quality cd duplication, check this guy out.  He's fast, honest and also a pretty cool guy!

BOB OLHSSON - phenomenal!
Bob spent years with Motown plus some of the best studios in California before moving to Nashville.  We're honored that he mastered SOME PRETTY DARN GOOD SONGS, ELEVEN PLAYS FOR THE RADIO and our latest cd: SIX RHETORICALS AND FOUR METAPHORS.
Every musician's dream, Bob truly is THE Master of sound!

HOUSE OF BLUES STUDIOS - What can we say?  We recorded some of our very first tracks at House of Blues Studios - so Gary & the HOB guys will always be very dear to our hearts!

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