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The more I listen to their songs the more I’m enthused.
It’s just great stuff!
And Miss Diana’s voice is outrageous!

If comparisons have to be made, I’d say she sounds more like the great Maggie Bell of long gone Scottish band, Stone The Crows – one of my all time favorites.


HP Daniels
Musician/Music Journalist
Berlin, Germany



The Eagle has landed!  Dr. Jay & Miss Diana’s CD “Click To Enter” just arrived.  What a brilliant Album!  Miss Diana’s vocals are outta this world!
Love it.  Instrumentation and production is brilliant!  This is going to be a sheer pleasure to present to our radio audiences, . . . well worth the wait.


Indie Showcase / Awesome Radio
Campbelltown, Australia


There are great nights of music . . . and there are GREAT nights of music!

I dropped by the Commodore Grill to check out a few acts on the list for this evening.  Two of those I was particularly interested in: John Velora and Dr. Jay and Miss Diana.  Sometimes the night is just magic and this was one of those.

First off, John's catchy pop/rock flavored melodies, skillful guitar playing and excellent vocals are a breath of musical fresh air. But, if you haven’t seen or heard Dr. Jay and Miss Diana, you absolutely must.  From the moment Miss Diana started singing "Trying To Get Your Attention", well, I couldn’t take my eyes or ears off her.  She draws you in immediately with her voice and her showmanship.  Like Eve Selis at the Hippie Chick Twang Tin Pan South show, this gal performs totally from her center.  They back all this energy up with great songs and Dr. Jay's brilliant guitar work (including some very tasty slide playing).  In short, I love these folks to death.  Dr. Jay & Miss Diana defiantly gets a standing ovation from me, Wendy V.


Wendy V's Nashville Blend
Radio Show and Blog Spot
Nashville, Tennessee, USA


For this week's feature, I picked a couple of people I first met and heard recently at the Commodore.  I absolutely love Dr. Jay and Miss Diana to pieces . . . they've become dear to me in a short time.  If you’ve never experienced seeing or hearing them in person, you must.  They’re amazing!  And their songs are solid - check out "Pilgrim On the Road" in my profile and hear more on their MySpace page (find Dr. Jay and Miss Diana on my top friends page)!


Wendy V's Nashville Blend
Radio Show and Blog Spot
Featured songwriter(s)
Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Dr. Jay & Miss Diana’s newest CD: Six Rhetoricals and Four Metaphors is wonderful . . . awesome talent!!


Paddy Noonan
Chicago, Illinois, USA


Dr. Jay & Miss Diana’s tunes are sweet as Honey on a Memphis Night!


Carl "Blue" Wise
BlueBoy Records
Memphis, Tennessee, USA


American Roots.  American as apple pie at its fruits.  Blues, Country, Rock at its Roots . . . a show you gotta experience.


Austin American Statesman
New Music Review
Austin, Texas, USA


Great stuff!!  Love the music, the performance, the look, the tunes. . . Dr. Jay & Miss Diana, who says there no New York in Nashville!!!


Perry Jordan (HEARTSFIELD)
Guitar Player & Singer/Music Journalist/
Chicago, Illinois, USA


Torchy singer Miss Diana takes you back to the Julie London era with her Smokey vocals and animated performances. It's a show of hypnotic originals, one that you'll want to catch more than once!


Brad Fischer
Nashville Music Guide
Recommended - Sounding Board
Editor/Music Critic & Journalist
Nashville, Tennessee, USA


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