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a brief Portfolio

The following work represents production (conceptualization, planning & layout), design (development of all content), implementation, and maintenance of sites - initiated by thorough goal identification, established through direct communication with client, hosting services, domain registrants and other related individuals or entities, using strategies (marketing analysis, search optimization) relevant to bringing a project from Idea to Life.







Professional website www.drjaymissdiana.com:  over 350 (and growing) fully integrated & active pages with multi-media (interactive, video, audio), e-commerce, extensive graphic content (interactive & static), guestbook, network integration, document publications (*.pdf, *.txt, CSS templates) - including an art gallery (w/five sub-galleries), music gallery (catalogue of commercially available songs & albums representing over eighty songs & eight albums, with integrated flash music player), and writing gallery (books and collections representing over one hundred published works to date) - the above primarily built with a 56kbps dial-up connection, developed for wide-range of users, including dial-up as well as high-speed, for all users to enjoy site & remain interested, staying on site for extended periods - with accessibility & search engine optimization of design for web functionality & efficiency (targeting compatibility issues between older operating systems and browsers with new technologies, for easier access to a wider range of global users).

Maintain several blog and network pages, e-newsletters & large email lists, catering to national and international recipients/correspondants in conjunction with the above.


Professional website www.wmodradio.com:  catered to client’s needs of a ”2 in 1“ website - two separate, yet, integrated sites, hosted on one main domain.  Client previously had a website, built by novice, and requested a “new look,” better accessibility & overall better design & structure.  Client also requested the addition of a second website for client’s new entity - but wanted full integration with both sites and did not want to purchase/populate a new domain.  My solution:  the ”2 in 1“ above - (complete creation of new site).  Client has had additional content requests/requirements, the outcome of which is found on the actual site(s).  The above included logo & favicon creation, interactive & static graphic content, copy content, live streaming services, and Facebook integration.


Professional website (for a very well-known songwriter):  requested by client for ”revamping“ and ”redesigning“ archaic site - which resulted in creation of a completely new site and logo, including fully integrated/active pages with multi-media, e-commerce, extensive interactive & static graphic content, guestbook, network integration, document publications, etc.  Logo and site were highly approved by client and uploaded to client’s domain on outside hosting service procured by client.  Site was successfully implemented and running well.  Client didn’t pay hosting bill, so hosting company deleted client’s website from their servers.

Archived on September 30, 2010.  Examples of ”before & after“ can be viewed at:  www.drjaymissdiana.com/TW.htm.



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