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American, 1969.

I was born.  When I was about 6, I started drawing.  Later, I started painting.  That's still what I'm doing.


What I know, I put into my work.  I am interested in visible or tangible things that are, rather than Opinion.  In my work there are pre-formed, conventional, depersonalized, factual elements - impartial objects.  I am concerned with the wholeness of a thing remaining within the boundaries of knowledge.

I strive to conceal and reveal known objects at the same time.  We have an existing language of words, signs, symbols, shapes, formulas, treatises, poems and the like - whole bodies of belief and knowledge that can, presumably, describe and penetrate anything and everything.  Yet, I am forced to recognize that the system, which enables me to form a piece of art and to think coherently, cannot define how I uniquely think or feel, or even how I picture myself and everything outside myself.  The plane of my work has always been real things - real moments resting in time, where the ideational and perceptual worlds intersect to form image, idea, icon, and space - and where I, and therefore the viewer, is projected through to another reality.


Technique is inextricably tied to the content of my work.  By working in all mediums, I work with numerous techniques.  As a painter, acrylic is my medium of choice.  My 3D & sculptural materials range from chicken wire to wood to aluminum to whatever material I find in my field of sight.  As a printmaker, I work with all methods - woodblock, silkscreens, blueprints, lithographs and prints that combine two or three processes.  For me there is no hierarchy among these mediums and techniques. Yet, as far as art, drawing is the way I speak the best, the clearest.


Miscellaneous Exhibitions :

Texas: Houston Museum of Fine Art, Dallas Museum of Fine Art, Carson's Art Gallery, Greenhills Gallery, Reed Stemmel Gallery, Fort Worth Museum of Art, Tiburon Gallery.

Tennessee: Memphis Collage of Art, Brooks Museum of Art (Memphis), Art Village, Ocean Way (Nashville), House of Blues Studios (Nashville).

Georgia: Soho-Myriad Gallery.

Arizona: Tiburon Gallery.

California: Luguna Gallery of Fine Art, House of Blues (LA), House of Blues Studios (LA).

NYC: Agora Gallery (Chelsea), Macinroe Gallery, Lewin Gallery, Soho Gallery.

Michigan: Studio 139.  London (UK): The Gallery of Soho.

Scotland (UK): Conservatory of Art, Crage Gallery.

France: Bjorklund's (Champagne, Le Prince).

Universities: Johns Hopkins University, University of Texas Gallery, Middle Tennessee State University, Southern Methodist University, Memphis College of Art.


Miscellaneous Art Pursuits:

Commercial Advertising Agencies: Olgvy & Mather, Tracy Locke, GSD&M.

Magazine, Illustrations & Corporate Clients:  Texas Monthly, Hewlett-Packard Computers, Houston City, HealthCare International, Time Magazine, McDonald's, Tennessee and Alabama Tourism, Wal-Mart, La-Z-Boy, House of Blues, Motorola, Baldwin Pianos, Island Records, CBS Records, Dell Computers, Houston Symphony, Southwest Airlines, etc., Private collections.


Miscellaneous Awards:

National/Regional Addys, National Graphic Design, National Advertising Federation, National Illustration and National Works on Paper.


Miscellaneous Artist in Residence/Instructor:

Southern Methodist University, University of Texas, Conservatory of Art, Edinburgh Scotland, Memphis College of Art (Masters Design Program), Greenhills Middle and Upper School (Dallas).


Miscellaneous Schooling:

North Texas State, Memphis College of Art, Southwestern and Dallas Seminaries, Oxford (UK), Ansel Adams, Duane Michales, the painter Rosha, plus a bunch of courses and individual studies, which meant more to me than someone reading this stuff.

contact information:

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